Ellen offers a Wide Range of Women's Beautifying Services

Ellen is currently accepting new daytime female clients.
Her private practice is EXCLUSIVELY for WOMEN.
All services are for women only
*Please note that extra time or extra product has an extra charge.
*Please note there is a fee for last minute cancellations or switching an appointment without a 24 hour notice
*Please also note that salon is located on the 2nd floor of a tri-level, which is 9 steps up.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.          Matthew 11:29

Women's Cut & Style $38
Shampoo & Style  $20
Perm, Cut & Dry  $85 (Perms are for standard wrap only. I do not offer spiral perms. Long or extra thick hair is extra)
Women's Relaxing Facial - 1 hour $60  ( includes relaxing massage on the face, hands, arms, head, neck, shoulders & scalp ) 
Women's Introductory Back Massage - 30 minutes $40  ( Relaxing back massage all done by hand -no forearms or elbows on any of my massage services )
Women's Modesty "Clothes On" Massage - 30 min $40   if you are shy or it's your first massage and you're not comfortable with not having any clothes on under the sheet and blanket, then this is what you need to try. I respect your feelings and privacy, and will still be able to massage you without the oils by simply rubbing my hands over your clothing.  Request a "Clothes On" Modesty massage.
Women's Massage for Stress- 1 hour  $60,  
Women's Full Body Massage- 1 1/2 hours $80
Women's Massage for Extra Anxiety  - 90 min  $80   ( This  service includes an extra slow, extra soothing Back Massage, lower leg and Foot massage, finishing with the stress relieving Neck & Shoulder & Scalp Massage )
Women's Christian Music Massage - 45 min $50
Women's Neck Intense Massage - 45 min $60   Deeper pressure neck & shoulder massage (no oils)
Women's Neck Intense with Foot Massage - $80   
Women's Body Brushing Detox Massage - 1/2 hour $48. This includes a brush 
Women's Sinus Massage - 1 hour  $60
     ( This service is much like the Facial, incorporating massage on the pressure points of the face )
Women's Custom Massage - most women just love my massage combinations.  But if you are looking for specific areas and would like to request which ones you would like massaged and which ones you would like left untouched, I am willing to work with you to create a massage that fits your needs and wants. Simply choose the massage that best fits your need, and then during the consultation before I start, you can tell me your custom details.
Women's Foot Massage - 45 minutes $50, 1 hour $60.    This service is given with the client laying and relaxing on the massage table
Women's Aggressive Massage Package - 6 visits in 3 months. This is highly recommended to start off your commitment to yourself for feeling great. Each month you get a 60 minute massage on the back, neck and shoulders, with a much needed mid-month neck and shoulder session (30 min) Total minutes 270  $220 (Savings of $50 with an expiration of 13 weeks after purchase) (You are buying a time commitment, not a package of anytime minutes)
Women's Scalp Massage - 1 hour $40   includes shampooing, invigorating massage of tea tree moisturizer into your hair & scalp until you are melting into my chair, shampooing again, finishing with a blow dry
Hand & Arm Massage  (20 Minutes)   $20 (this is a popular service to get while you wait for your color to process!)
Ear Candling   $40    Includes both ears. Specially made ear candles naturally remove excessive ear wax 
Malibu Treatment for buildup removal (from hard water, hairspray & gel, or chlorine)  $20

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Adorned Salon is for women only