November Special - Neck Intense $10 off this month

           Exclusively for Women.        

When you need an intense game plan on conquering the tension you hold in your tender neck & shoulders. I use more of my pressure to help relieve the pressure in your life! PLEASE NOTE: this is deeper work than my usual medium/firm pressure. Depending on how severe your knots and/or tightness, it may cause you to become uncomfortable.

45 minutes long. Regular price $60

Add a fabulous foot massage to this service for an extra $20

Must be used by 11/30/20. Women only. 

Our Indiana change of seasons brings on extra stress, causing tight muscles in your neck and shoulders when you're out in the extreme heat and humidity or bitter wind and freezing temps, not to mention driving in slick, hazardous conditions. Sometimes just driving in traffic is stress on your body and peace of mind!

Spring weather in general brings on sensitivities and allergies, causing blocked ears, stuffy head and headaches, painful cheeks and jaws. Areas surrounding the nose and ears become inflamed and sore, making these tissues more sensitive to dust, bacteria, fungi, and pet dander. It may eventually lead to a sinus infection, which is even more painful. Sometimes medications help you feel better, sometimes not. 

Contact me today to relieve and help ward off your pressure and pain the natural way! Exclusively For Women. Almost all of my massage services end with a few minutes of my strong hands massaging your scalp before I send you back out into the world. It is a favorite of almost every one of my ladies!

Only For Women. Treat a friend! I can do back to back appointments if you want to both come in together!

Special must be redeemed by 11/30/20

You can request Christian music if you like.

Here are a few of my most popular Massages: Stress Relieving Massage, Sinus Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Christian Music Massage, Foot Massage

Although Massage is an excellent way to pamper yourself, it is also crucial for prevention and smart pain relief for neck & shoulder tension, arthritis, mild back pain, plantar fascitis, and other inflammatory conditions.

Massage is also an alternative to going to the doctor. It's essential preventative care. No one actually enjoys having to go see the doctor. Practically everyone enjoys Massage!

Text or Call me today! 260-609-6088

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Adorned Salon is now exclusively for women. Limited time only. Offer must be paid for at the time of scheduling. Redeeming after the month ends will automatically forfeit the special price and will be subject to regular price.

The Lord will open to you His good treasury, the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hands.    Deuteronomy 28:11

Come in for a Touch of Grace and to share your Faith!

























The following services are for women only:


Ellen's Escape Package

Includes a 1 Hour Facial, a 1 Hour Massage, and a Shampoo Blowdry Service

Only $115 (must be scheduled together for savings)


Get a Massage Regularly and Save BIG!

Save $10 when you get a 1 Hour Massage within 4 weeks of your last one!


Referral Program

Get $10 off a 1 Hour Facial or 1 Hour Massage each time you send in a friend!


*Limit of 1 discount per service please.

Call or Text Ellen at 260-609-6088