Great Massage and Great Person!

Ellen is professional, keeps it clean and makes you feel comfortable. Every time I go in for a massage or a hair cut she listens to what I want/need and I am pleased with what I get! Her prices are extremely reasonable and the quality of work is excellent!     Mary W. (Oct 2020)

Haircut and Highlights

Ellen took the time to listen to the way I like for my hair to look. She added two color highlights and cut it. I love it! I would highly recommend her! I especially love the fact she only works on one person at a time. Not only does that make you feel special but during COVID-19 you feel very safe.     Melodye Peters (Aug 2020)


Ellen does an amazing job! Such a rejuvenating and relaxing experience all at the same time! She is great at relieving all the stress in the body. I highly recommend!     Cindy B.  (Aug 2020)

Haircut and Massage

I just had a massage and haircut yesterday afternoon. I so look forward to going to Ellen for this pampering! The massage is phenomenal and I always feel so relaxed afterward. She cut my hair after my massage so I got a bonus scalp massage while she shampooed my hair. I recommend Ellen to anyone who needs some time just for themselves. She is a very warm, caring person who takes the time to get to know you. She always prays for me as she begins my massage. I appreciate the added special touches.     Holly S.  (July 2020)

Why I Choose Ellen

Great cut! Easy to care for, quick n convenient. Ellen knows just what I like. Always a pleasure to go in.     Carol K.  (June 2020)

The "Touch"

The Lord put on my heart to reach out to the CAREGIVERS who are bearing heavy loads. I knew that your touch and your prayers were just the thing. I highly recommend that others consider supporting caregivers with the "touch" our Lord has given you Ellen! After you finished Cheryl's massage, this is what she shared with me: "That was amazing! What a sweet beautiful talented friend you have in Ellen! Thank you SO much! <3."       Lucy Jan (Feb 2020)

Cozy and Warm!

Ellen has created a cozy atmosphere with candlelight, soft music, and a warm massage table. On a cold day it feels wonderful to climb onto the table and feel the warmth against your skin. She is soft spoken and will pray over you for any troubles you may be having. I can't even explain how relaxed I felt during her massage of my neck and shoulders. I know I dozed off a couple of times. Even after my 90 minutes of massage, I didn't want it to come to an end. Schedule a massage with Ellen today!     Holly S.  (Feb 2020)


I saw my cousin Connie this weekend. She complimented your work... my hair cut specifically. She went on to share that you have been Gifted. She felt the Holy Spirit when you massaged her frail, weak body. She was thankful for that. I am thankful He works through you and I pray that you remain a vessel for Him in your work. Thank you!     L.S. (Jan 2020)

The Only Place I Get a Massage!

I've gone to Ellen for about 7 years and won't go to anyone else. She creates such a calming environment that truly gets you to a place of relaxation unlike any other spa I've been to.     Allison D. (Dec 2019)

Uplifting Visit

Ellen is always a pleasure to do my hair. She does a great job on it. I feel so good when I leave. My hair looks terrific and my spirits are lifted!      Carol K. (Nov 2019)

Great color and cut

I received an excellent haircut and color this last week. I highly recommend Adorned Salon and Ellen. Great, peaceful environment.      Lucy M. (Sept 2019)

Color & Cut

Have been going to Ellen for about 6 years, and as usual, she did a great job with my color at yesterday's appointment. Thanks!      A. S. (August 2019)

Inviting and Relaxing

Ellen has created a wonderfully inviting atmosphere to enhance the relaxing massage she gives. I did not want my session to end and I can't wait to go back again!     Holly S.   (June 2019)

Great Color and Cut!

Just received a wonderful hair color and cut from Ellen! I highly recommend her. She takes the time and gives such thorough color and a thorough cut. She's very meticulous in her work. I appreciate the care that she shows me. When she washes my hair I become so relaxed!     Lucy S.   (April 2019)

So pleased

Great cut! I feel pampered and spoiled when I go to Ellen. Scalp massage with the wash is so nice. Always pleased.     Carol K.   (March 2019)

Great Service

Looking for a hairstylist who will do what you ask for? Adorned Salon is the place for you. Ellen gives great haircuts and does what you ask her to do. She will give advice on your hairstyle if you ask. Wonderful massages are also available.     Jenny P  (Feb 2019)

Back Massage

I had a back massage yesterday. It was wonderful! I have a lot of arthritis and degenerative disks. Ellen worked on finding my "knots" and stretching them out. The heated towels felt great!    C.K. (Jan 2019)


Ellen has created a warm, peaceful, and welcoming atmosphere, which just enhances the experience. She is kind, patient, and really listens to what you want. I love my cut and highlights and I have found exactly what I have been looking for in a salon and stylist. Highly recommend!     Heather C.  (Sept 2018)

Great Haircuts

If you are looking for a hairstylist that will give you the cut and style that you are looking for, Adorned Salon is the place to go. Ellen does what you ask her to do and she does it well. If you want advice, she will offer it. The salon is quiet and relaxing. Getting a hair cut and style is an enjoyable experience at Adorned Salon.     Jenny P. (Sept 2018)

Cut n Style

Great cut and style. Ellen always does a great job. Atmosphere at her shop is relaxed and welcoming. Enjoyable.     Carol K.  (Sept 2018)

Facial Massage!

This is the most wonderful experience you can give yourself. Ellen makes you feel very relaxed after a wonderful massage to face, neck, arms, and upper back.     Jean Sallot  (Aug 2018)

Very Relaxing!

Ellen does a great job and I felt very comfortable! Had never had a massage before and I will definitely be going back!     E.K.  (July 2018)


Ellen did an amazing job and very professional! This was my first massage and I will be going back! Very relaxing!     H.K.  (July 2018)

Foot Massage

What a delightful experience! Ellen has such a great touch and everything about my experience was great! I highly recommend her services.     Susie Myers (June 2018)


Love my cut n style. Just how I wanted it. I've been coming to Ellen for years. And I plan to continue.     C. K. (June 2018)

Very Relaxing

I thoroughly enjoyed my facial. Ellen has a very relaxing touch and the environment is comfortable and quiet. I will be scheduling another facial in the near future.     E. S. (May 2018)

Great Haircuts

Adorned Salon is the place to go for great haircuts, color, and styling. Ellen always does what I want done and is also willing to give advice if I ask. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing.     Jenny P. (March 2018)

A great experience

A great time to relax and my hair is always precisely the way I want it. ELLEN is a good friend and very professional.     Jackie  (December 2017)


I am so glad that Ellen always listens to what I want and doesn't "think" she knows what I want. My hair always looks just the way I ask and the haircut always makes my hair easy to manage. Thanks for listening Ellen, your a gem!      Jackie H. (July 2017)


it's just the perfect mix of soft strokes, medium, and firm! .   R. G. (March 2017)

Great touch!

Very Strong hands but Soft... .   J. P. (March 2017)

Ellen is Awesome!

We all need to slow down and have some "Ellen" time!   P. (March 2017)

I Was Suffering

for several days with acid reflux and got a nice, soothing facial with the neck & shoulder massage from Ellen. It was a day that the symptoms were especially bad. When she finished, I walked out of the massage room and my pain was gone. I was so relaxed!. Highly Recommend Ellen's Massage and Facials!!!    Lynette. (Feb 2017)

Ellen's Touch

Ellen's massage is just right! No matter if I get the hour or the hour and a half, it always targets what I need and it FEELS SO GOOD! It feels good during the massage and for several days after!. (as long as I drink my water!)

I've gone to other massage therapists and theirs is choppy with much stopping and walking around the massage table to do the same thing to the other side of my body.

Ellen has the touch - relaxing yet firm, soothing strokes and nice flow from one area to the next! Patty J.. (Feb 2017)

Hair cut and highlight

Ellen suggested that I highlight my hair and she cut it a little differently. I have had so many compliments on my hair since she's done that. I love Ellen's massages too. She is awesome. I'm gonna miss her when I move.   Sandy Long (June 2016)


Salon was easy to find. Massage was exceptional. The 1 hour was not long enough haha. I will be back. Thank you  J.P. (May 2016)

Just what I needed

This was so relaxing and worked on all of my sore muscles and knots in my back. I left totally relaxed and felt wonderful! I highly recommend Ellen for a massage. Next time I will opt for the longer version!  Greta O (Apr 2016)

Stylist and masseuse

Love the job Ellen does. I just had her highlight my hair for the first time and absolutely love it. Love how she styled it and had a massage afterwards and was great and relaxing.  Sandy Long (Apr 2016)

Great Service

Ellen has been my hair stylist for several years. She is always accomodating. The atmosphere is quiet and soothing. Best of all, I get great cuts and color, and Ellen listens to what I want when I decide to change my style. Jenny P (March 2016)

No More Worries

I recently moved to Fort Wayne, and after having gone to my former hair dresser for over 30 years, finding a new hairdresser was one of my biggest worries. Thank goodness I found Ellen! She was totally accomodating from day one, and I have loved the results of her cuts, perms, and color! Diana P (March 2016)

Amazing amazing amazing!

The facials are amazing and Ellen always gets my hair right. I continue to go here even while living in Indy. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else! :) Cara S (Jan 2016)

Worth the Drive from Ohio!

First time Ellen's ever worked on me. That was the best haircut I have had in my whole life! Not kidding. And I am 59! I will be back- and will make the time for a massage soon too. R. S. (Nov 2015)

Just Right!!!

I wouldn't trust anybody else with my hair! Ellen knows just what color to use every time. I LOVE my haircut too! She cuts it and it just falls into place after I wash it and let it air dry. It's so easy to manage!    C. A. (Nov 2015)

Soothing Touch

I dont know what could feel more perfect. That was excellent!  (90 min Massage) D.M. (Sept 2015)

Awesome Massage

I just never want it to end. I get one regularly. G.S.  (May 2015)

Enjoyable Visit

Having Ellen cut and style my hair is an enjoyable and relaxing experience. She does a very good job of meeting my styling requests. Even better are her facials. They are the BEST.  B.N. (May 2015)

Great Experience

Ellen provides a very personal, professional, relaxed atmosphere whether it is for a haircut, massage or both. I always leaving looking & feeling great! Highly recommended. S.G. (Apr 2015)

Feels So Good

Ellen has just the right "touch" for massage. She really has a gift!   K.M.  (March 2015)

Color and Cut

Ellen got the color just perfect, cut too. Always makes me feel good to have a fresh cut and color. Thanks!   C.K.  (Feb 2015)


Absolutely wonderful massage so relaxing. Big help with arthritis pain recommend one from Ellen to everyone    Carol (Jan 2015)


So relaxing. I enjoyed every minute. Atmosphere and technique is wonderful. Looking forward to next one.   Carol K  (Dec 2014)

Great Cuts

If you want to get a great haircut or a relaxing massage, call for an appointment at Adorned Salon. Ellen is a professional who will do her best to give you exactly what you want concerning color treatments, haircuts, etc. The salon itself is quiet and relaxing.   Jenny P  (Nov 2014)

I Trust Ellen!

I don't even have to watch what Ellen's doing in the mirror cause I know its going to turn out fine. Other places I'd always be worrying.   Carolyn (Nov 2014)

Come Visit Ellen at her new salon!

I have been to Ellen's new salon 3 times. It is a bright and comfortable place to get your hair looking its best. Ellen does all the services other stylists do, only she gives your hair loving care. You feel relaxed when she is finished. Ellen is a specialist at giving facials and massages. She enjoys making every client feel less stressed, more calm, and very relaxed. It is Ellen's goal for everyone to enjoy their appointment to the max.   Bonnie Grace (Nov 2014)

Great massage

My massage was just wonderful! It was wonderful to wake up the next day without my usual aches. I really enjoyed it!   Anne R.  (Oct 2014)


Received an EXCELLENT new color and hair cut from Ellen last evening. While I waited for the color to process, I had a very enjoyable arms and hands massage. Atmosphere and her touch... perfect elements to refresh and relax. Next appointment all set! Can't wait!  Lucy M. (Sept. 2014)

Very Relaxing

This was a wonderful massage, so relaxing it was hard to leave. I enjoyed all of it! She is ver y professional. I would recommend her to all of  my friends.  M.L.  (March 13, 2014)

I loved it

super relaxing, and I would recommend it to anyone. There are so many of us walking around with stress and this was very good for that. Ellen did a wonderful job and it went very smoothly. The temperatures were perfect, the bed was very comfy and I could have hibernated there for days! She is really good at this service. I will work on sending in some friends who would enjoy it. Who wouldn't!!     Monica L.  (Jan. 2014)

just returned home

from Christmas shopping. I am all done. Yeah! At the end of the day I treated myself to a massage from Ellen. She gave the best massage I have ever had. Better than Woodhouse day Spa, Harrahs in Lake Tahoe, Etheral Spa in Nashville, and at the best price. Check it out. You will love the experience. I can turn my head both directions. Lol.     K. B.  (Dec 13, 2013)

I Have Had Dozens of Massages

by several different therapists, and none of them have the same touch as Ellen! It was wonderful!!    Cindi M. (Nov, 2013)


Ellen is awesome!! I have had 2 massages so far and both were great. .   D. M. (Sept. 11, 2013)

Better than expected!

I received the Stress relieving massage and was so pleased with my experience, that I booked my next session that day. Grateful to find Ellen!!     Sue H. (Sept. 25, 2013)

Better than expected!

I spoke to Ellen, what a warm & sunny lady. She took the time to consult & look at my hair. She did a wonderful trim & style for my hair & I am completely happy with it. Next I will have a massage. So glad I found her!    Linda M. (Sept. 27, 2013)

Great Experience

Love the color, trim & style. Ellen Truly made me feel pampered. How wonderful to find a hairdresser who listens to what you want in a style!     Joan T,  (Oct 18, 2013)


Great Service!

I visited Ellen for a relaxing facial and massage. It was amazing! Ellen definitely has the rhythm and touch that I love in a massage therapist. I will return!     Lisa Becker,  (Oct. 30, 2013)

pleasing & relaxing experience

The experience is so relaxing!  The music is a wonderful way to unwind while receiving your salon treatment.  My hair stylist is the best. She has been styling my hair for 9 years. I am so glad that she is in northeast side of town and so easy to travel to.  Last but not least, Ellen's prices are the best in town!      Jackie H,  (May 23, 2013)

Wonderful and relaxing

I love this salon!  It is a beautiful experience with the relaxing shampoo, the facial and the back massage.  I tend to want to fall asleep.  I love the soft relaxing music they play.   Sandy L.  (May 4, 2013)

LOVE my New Hair Cut! :) :)

I have been looking for a cut that would "fit" for a long time. Finally found one - took it to Ellen and she cut it Perfectly!! I absolutely adore it and I have gotten many compliments. My husband has told me several times how much he likes it!   Thank you Ellen!!   Maria G. ( Apr 25, 2013)

Enjoying Real Haircuts
Nice to have a real haircut and not a 'one cut fits all' factory cut! Thank you Ellen! Look forward to my next visit. J. W.  (March 2, 2013)
Very Professional
I love the haircut that I got...Ellen is very caring and looks after every detail to keep you happy. Great massage during shampooing and good quality products. Conny S. (Feb 20, 2013)
Great Hair Cuts
Ellen is a great hair stylist.  She pays attention to details and I know that I will always get the hair cut that I want.  I have also had a facial - wonderful, relaxing experience.    Jenny P.   (Oct. 17, 2012)
I just received a relaxing a professional color and trim.  Then, saving the best for last...a wonderfully amazing facial.  Ellen has the touch.  I actually drove in 1 hour and 15 minutes for the experience and I'll do it again.    Lucy S.  (Oct 13, 2012)
I HIGHLY recommend!
My visit with Ellen is the best day of the week for me.  It is a very special place - quiet and relaxing!  Try it!!  And my facial was Heavenly!!     BG, (Oct. 1, 2012)
a breath of fresh air
Very relaxing and decent prices!  Go check out all the salon has to offer!  They have everything from hair to facials.    S. H.   (Sept. 20, 2012)
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