Ellen Dornseif,  Owner & Stylist
    Ellen has been in the professional beauty industry for over 30 years. She grew up in Fort Wayne, and has lived there all her life. She now has her own private practice for WOMEN only, away from the noisy hustle and bustle of the big salons. She knows how to pamper her clients, and they love it! 
    Ellen is accepting new customers at this time because of recently expanding her hours. Her favorite services are the relaxing Shampoo, the Hand & Arm Massage (you don't realize your hands & fingers really do need it) and the Facial Massage for an ultimate treat! She has also expanded her services (by the request of her clients) to offer several types of Relaxation Massage to soothe those tight muscles.
     "I love Massage! It is so healthy and beneficial for the stressful lifestyles of today. I love receiving a good massage so therefore I love giving a massage that I would enjoy receiving myself. I am very particular about what feels good to me when I get a massage and how the masseuse conducts his/herself. Therefore in my business, I completely pay attention to detail. A good massage is all about what the client prefers: the soothing touch, the rhythm and timing of the strokes, the pressure used, and much more!! My clients can tell that I don't just go through the motions."
     Come in for a Touch of Grace and to share your Faith!
 Call or Text Ellen at 260-609-6088
 Email her at (copy/paste into your email program if clicking the link doesn't take you there)